Business Partners:
Collaborating to Reach Your Goals

STL Web Marketing has many happy clients. To achieve the same satisfaction of reaching your goals, consider Facebook as a great fit for marketing your business.

Expert Facebook Marketers

Our expertise in marketing through Facebook is unparalleled. We can make it work for you.

Successful Strategies

We’ll collaborate with you to identify vital steps needed to achieve your goals, and then we’ll assist you in putting your plan in motion, working beside you until those goals are met.

Company Rep

When we partner together, you have your own account manager as one consistent point of contact who will make adjustments and upgrades to your site as needed.  

Facebook Works for All

Facebook works for any size company, big or small, so marketing through their platform makes sense. We’ve been certified as Facebook marketers and will capitalize on spreading the word about your company with our expertise.

Beginning of a Better Way

Marketing through Facebook, expert web design, and SEO pays dividends.

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Facebook Marketing: Package Deal

We’ll create the foundational structure and configure the Facebook ad account, including the tracking codes that tell us whether the ads are generating traffic to your site. Our social media specialists and the strategies they use are top notch.

Our Package Deal includes:


  •  Initial setup of your Facebook ad Account
  •  Ongoing Target Demographic Research
  •  One Facebook Campaign
  •  Two Sets of Ads

If additional Facebook campaigns are desired, they would be $99/month each. Each ad set will be defined by a target audience based on criteria such as geography, income, interest, etc.

Additional Details:

Two Static Ads Each Month

Our graphic designers choose images for static ads, and each ad set has one image. These ads can be changed each month to accommodate specific marketing goals.

One Video Ad Available Every 4 Months

One 20 second video ad using a professional voice over and script of approximately 100 words will be put together by our marketing team. These ads engage the reader much better than a static image ad with text. Video ads give you great visibility, create a professional view of your company, and give credence to your desire to grow and be top rated. To start with a video ad right away, there would be a production fee of $199 on top of the package deal.


Analysis Report Once a Month

All facets of your website and it’s traffic flow are analyzed and compiled into a report once a month; this includes traffic patterns and levels, conversions and sales, and any increase due to your presence on social media.

Better Beginning through Teamwork

We work with you, forming a team, to develop goals, strategize steps to get there, and execute those plans using those monthly analysis reports to guide us in getting to your goal..

Facebook Ad Advantages

Boost Facebook Post

Page Promotion

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Increase Conversions

Get Installs Of Your Application

Increase Engagement In Your App

Geotarget your customers

Raise Awareness About Your Event

Get People to Claim Your Offers

Get Video Views

With Facebook Ads, for just $5 per day, you’ll see results that matter making it a better choice than Google Adwords, Twitter, etc.

A daily budget of around $5 dollars on Facebook Advertising can bring in meaningful results.

Benefits of Facebook Ads 

  •  Over 2 billion people use Facebook
  •  The average Facebook user checks out their social media for
    50 minutes a day
  •  Facebook was visited organically by millions of people, but now advertisers pay fees to make up for the decline; this means only serious advertisers are using Facebook ads.
  •  Facebook users will see ads that matter to them because targeting business chooses ads for them based on their location, age, gender, interests, etc.

Reach people while they’re in the contemplation phase to influence their purchases and bring them to your business.

While people are perusing the web, seeing your ads sparks a thought of particular need before they even consciously realize it.

That seed planted will likely lead them to your site when they’re ready to buy. Anytime you include images or videos in these Facebook ads, you’re sure to capture their attention even deeper.

Which Facebook Ad is Your Type

There’s likely to be a subset of Facebook Ads’ 11 options. Let us help you figure out what will bring the most traffic to your site and convert the most visitors into customers.

Get Started Today

Call our experts today to discuss social media advertising and what that looks like for your business.


Have any questions? reach us anytime between 9 am – 5 pm EST