Increase Pay Per Click (PPC) Effectiveness: Tap into the expertise of our Google Adwords Management Company!

Our marketing experts at STL make all the facets of Google Adwords work for us, from the creation of the site through managing it and consulting with you to audit its effectiveness. Those SEO words make all the difference here as well. Our tried and true techniques guarantee that your site traffic will be organic and from those actually interested in your products and services. Because our Adwords Company is certified and in partnership with Google, our techniques are always up to date.

Keyword research is focused depending on your services and landing pages. This cost effective method ensures that you will only obtain the prospective clients whom were searching for exactly what you offer.

When you hire a Google Adwords Management Company to make sure they have certification and partnership already existing with Google.

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STL Web Marketing: a Google Partner and Google Adwords Specialist.

We’re proud to share that we have a Google Adwords Specialist on staff at STL. This Specialist will comb through your competitors’ and other industry leaders’ Google data comparing it to what we design for you. They ensure that Google Adwords will be profitable for you by measuring your investment returns through your cost per sale.

Google Adwords: Guiding Willing Buyers to Your Website

STL are ranked the number one Google Adwords Management Company in the St. Louis area, and we have over 100+ clients. Our expertise brings willing buyers, those at the end of their decision making process to your site, over and over, while you may only need to spend $10 a day to do it. Other clients may have a more extensive budget.

Exceling at Keyword Research

We always do our homework! Successfully researching valuable keywords is the foundation of any Google Adwords Campaign. We at STL are A+ students when it comes to figuring out how much to bid and which keywords to choose; Our exhaustive study delivers the best return for your investment.

Competitor Comparison

Comparing the setup of your competitors and other industry leaders gives us valuable awareness of their Google Adwords strategies which in turn benefits how we assist you in setting up yours.

Streamlining Adword Campaign Setup

You have our pledge that we will efficiently structure your Adwords to benefit only the areas of your business that you want and with the frequency you set. With multiple ad options, you’re sure to reach the customers you need. 

Landing Page Leaders

The STL marketing team has extensive experience in structuring landing pages that will convert visitors to customers. We know how to draw people in. 

Protecting Against Repeated Clicks

Where there is legitimate business there are usually some that employ negative tactics to one up that business. To stop those from interfering with your site, we put measures in place to be sure no one is repeatedly clicking on your ads. By capturing the IP addresses of those that click on your ads, we can temporarily block them from clicking again, and if they click frequently when the temporary block is turned off, we can add them to a list of blocked Ips.

Report Collaboration

A report is compiled once a month so you can see everything that has been done on or for your website and opportunity is given to look at what needs to be done in response or for upgrading.

Our Google AdWords Company Will:

  •  Deep dive to determine Keywords
  • Analyze and compare Competitor data
  • Check your Landing page periodically
  • Build your Adwords foundation
  • Design your Google ads and test them
  • Analyze your Conversion rate
  •  Review your Content regularly
  •  Go over Google Analytics with you
  •  Adjust Keyword bids as needed
  • & so much more

Relevant Google AdWords Plan

Each Google Adwords plan is specific to the client’s needs. Call us to set up an initial consultation.

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