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WordPress Web Design is incredibly easy to use so it’s easy to maintain your site no matter how much or how little experience you have!

Wordpress LogoWordPress: the Best Web Design Software

Because of its ease of use, WordPress is the first choice for Content Management Systems for all levels of developers.


Wordpress LogoQuick and Easy Edits

Anyone using WordPress, even beginners, can easily change text, add and remove images, adjust backgrounds, and make many other changes because of its user friendly infrastructure.

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No Programming Knowledge Needed!

Non-web developers can use WordPress to create inspiring websites without programming knowledge and maintain and update with ease. WordPress is intended for fluid site management by the everyday computer user. Don’t let the fact that WordPress is FREE fool you – the sky’s the limit for what you can do on you site!

WordPress powers over twenty-five million websites today and is the greatest open source platform with the most current tools and the largest alliance among website designers available. It’s easily the most cost effective and profitable Content Management System out there.

WordPress Is Not Just For Blogs

WordPress is not just for blogs though many people mistakenly make this assumption.

Mobile ResponsiveMobile Friendly

Google includes mobile friendly as one of its criteria when ranking searches. Having your presentation translate to mobile devices is key as more and more people are shopping and booking services while on the go. Each WordPress design has mobile friendly tools.

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Your Imagination: No Limits

WordPress design software is made by a large open source community. Thousands of developers have done the programming for you in crafting a multitude of themes and plugins, so you can point and click, drag and drop, and customize easily.

Fully Customizable

STL Web Marketing uses WordPress themes because they are customizable with a multitude of options and adapt to mobile devices including Androids, iPhones and iPads.

Responsive Advantage

Responsive web design (referred to as RWD) allows your website to display cleanly on most devices including desktops, iPads, and smartphones.  You’ll only need one intuitive, eye-catching, responsive website for all your customers.

One Site Saves Money

Having one website that automatically adjusts to most devices saves you money. You can put your money toward other marketing options such as Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media advertising, and much more. Maintenance on one site also saves you time and money.

Results Oriented

At STL Web Marketing, results matter. Through In-depth Analytic reporting you can track expenses as close as cost per conversion for your WordPress site.  The technology of WordPress site design is the most advanced available and highly secure with customization capabilities for many options. Customization coding by our experts won’t slow the performance of you site, and even with all these possibilities, security is never an issue with WordPress.

Staying current with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends is a must. Our WordPress designers at STL Web Marketing work hard from start to finish to utilize the latest keywords in each project, pushing your website to the top of the popular search engines. 

An award-winning feature of WordPress is the ease of upgrading your site through widgets. These preprogrammed options give you full control in customization and allow you to let your imagination take you anywhere. Because they’re structured by a wide variety of programmers, new widgets come out often giving you access to new, up and coming trends.

The Sum of it All

At STL Web Marketing, our website designers use HTML5 as the foundation of each website. Responsive Web Design (RWD), WordPress customization with themes, plugins, and widgets, and the latest understanding of SEO keywords all build on that HTML5 foundation producing an eye-catching, intuitive, user-friendly website that adjusts flawlessly for a variety of devices. Visitors to your site will return as loyal customers again and again.

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